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February 2022

Welcome to our lab Keishla! Very excited that you will do your PhD in our lab and about the great science that you will work on! Welcome!
January 2022
Our lab's work and more is featured in Sandra's podcast interview in "People Behind the Science" podcast:


May 2019

Adriaan Verhelle was accepted in the very competitive MDI Quantitative Flourescence Microscopy Course for which he received a partial scholarship. Congrats and have fun at the course Adriaan!
August 2018
Alzheimer's Disease Video:


August 2018
Encalada lab on the Scripps Research Website:


May 2018
George Campbell Graduates. Congratulations Dr. George!

George Campbell receives his PhD degree from the Skaggs Graduate School of Chemical and Biological Sciences at The Scripps Research Institute. He will start his postdoctoral studies at Harvard University in August. Congrats and all the best. We will miss you George!


January 2018
Tai Joins our Lab. Welcome Tai!

Tai Chaiamarit is a first year graduate student in the Skaggs-Oxford Scholar Program at The Scripps Research Institute, who joined our lab. Welcome Tai!


August 2017
Kayal is Awarded a George E. Hewitt Foundation Postdoctoral Fellowship


Kayal Madhivanan was awarded a George E. Hewitt Foundation Postdoctoral Fellowship to continue on her studies of cell non-autonomous mechanisms of transthyretin (TTR) amyloid diseases using C. elegans and mammalian systems as models. Congratulations Kayal!


October 27, 2016
Kayal is Awarded a Society of Fellows (SoF) Travel Award


Kayal Madhivanan was chosen by the TSRI SoF organization, to receive a travel award to attend a conference. This is one of only six awards given annually to postdoctoral fellows to promote their attendance at a scientific national or international conference and to present their work there. Kayal plans to use this award to attend the Cold Spring Harbor “Neurodegenerative Diseases: Biology and Therapeutics” meeting on November 30 - December 3, 2016. Congratulations Kayal!


Helen Dorris and George Campbell

May 13, 2016
George Receives Dorris Neuroscience Travel Award

George Campbell received the coveted 2016 Helen Dorris Graduate

Student Travel Award at the Dorris Neuroscience Center Donor's Celebration

day. This award is given to a senior graduate student who is ready to

present project findings just prior to his or her PhD defense.


George's project is entitled “Multi-motor coordination by Kinesin-1 and

Kinesin-3 regulates the axonal transport of synaptic vesicle proteins,”, and 

it focuses on the cellular process of axonal transport, affected in multiple

neurodegenerative diseases.


Philanthropist Dorris, a San Diego State University professor emeritus and

mental health advocate, founded TSRI’s Dorris Neuroscience Center, which

addresses many of the most important problems facing contemporary

molecular and behavioral neuroscience.


January 22, 2016
Romain Chassefeyre Wins a Philippe Foundation Grant


Romain was awarded a Philippe Foundation Grant to support his postdoctoral work in the Encalada lab. This is a Franco-American exchange grant given to French postdoctoral fellows conducting research in the USA. Romain continues to investigate the role of axonal transport in the spreading of prion aggregates in mammalian neurons. Congratulations Romain!


November, 2015
Sandra Encalada Wins Glenn Award for Research in Biological Mechanisms of Aging


Sandra received the Glenn Award for Research in Biological Mechanisms of

Aging, a merit awards from the Glenn Foundation for Medical Research that

provides unsolicited funds to researchers investigating the biology of aging.


Using a variety of approaches, the Encalada lab studies the mechanisms of

intracellular transport in aging neurons, as well as how defective intracellular

transport leads to neurodegeneration in models of aging diseases such as

Alzheimer’s, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), prion diseases and transthyretin

amyloidosis. More information on the Glenn Foundation click on


June 1, 2015
Sandra Encalada is Awarded The 2015 Baxter Foundation Young Faculty Award


Sandra was awarded the Baxter Foundation Young Faculty Award which supports unrestricted research by a young pre-tenure faculty member at one of a few selected institutions in California. This award supports the efforts of the Encalada lab to characterize the mechanisms of molecular motor regulation inside neurons and their role in neurodegeneration.


October 23, 2014
Encalada Lab holds their First Annual Lab Retreat!


The Encalada Lab held their First Annual Retreat at the Rancho

Bernardo Inn. After the state-of-the-lab address given by Sandra, all

members of the lab presented highlights and big-picture concepts

related to their projects. Discussion followed each section with

participation of three outside advisors Dr. Malene Hansen (Sanford

Burnham Prebys Medical Discovery Institute), Dr. Jeff Kelly (The Scripps

Research Institute), and Dr. Gabe Lander (The Scripps Research

Institute). An exciting stimulating discussion day ended with a nice

evening wine and cheese.


Sandra presented a “Science Saturday” lecture for middle-school and high-school students of the larger La Jolla-San Diego school district. Sandra’s lecture is part of a three-lecture series that also will feature TSRI Associate Professor Ryan Shenvi, and Assistant Professor Gabe Lander. Sandra’s lecture was entitled “Transport and Traffic Jams: How Molecular Nanomachines Mobilize Inside Neurons,” and in it, Sandra explains her research on communication between neurons, the anatomy of the nervous system and the role of the scientific method using model animal systems including C. elegans and mice, to understand neurodegenerative diseases, including

September 20, 2014
Sandra Encalada Presents a “Science Saturday” Lecture and is Featured on UCSD-TV Video

Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and ALS. Her presentation drew the highest viewership on UCSD-TV in January 2014. If you want to check out her presentation, click here:

June 1, 2014
Romain Chassefeyre Wins a George E. Hewitt Foundation Postdoctoral Fellowship


Romain has been awarded a three year postdoctoral fellowship from the George E. Hewitt Foundation to study “The Role of Axonal Transport in Prion Spread and Neurodegeneration”. This fellowship is awarded to postdoctoral fellows in their first year of postdoctoral studies, and Romain will have the opportunity to update the foundation on his research every year at the Annual Hewitt Foundation Retreat. Congratulations Romain!


August 28, 2013
George Campbell Wins a Achievement Rewards for College Scientists (ARCS) Fellowship

The ARCS foundation has awarded George a graduate student fellowship to complete his degree at The Scripps Research Institute. The ARCS Foundation’s goal is to advance science and technology in the United States by providing financial awards to academically outstanding U.S. citizens focusing in science, engineering, and medical research degrees. Congratulations George! 



May, 2012
Sandra Encalada is Awarded a 2012 Ellison Foundation New Scholar Award In Aging Award for Research in Biological Mechanisms of Aging


Sandra received the Ellison Award to investigate the Relationships Between Aging, Axonal

Transport Regulation, and Aggregation. This is a four year unrestricted award and it will be

the Encalada lab’s new foray into the field of aging. For more information on The Lawrence

Ellison Foundation, click on


March 26, 2012
Sandra Featured in TSRI News and Views (from TSRI News and Views)


Cell biologist Sandra Encalada is an expert on the liquid world within the axon—a nerve cell’s output stalk—specifically, on its cargo-transport system, whose smooth operation is essential for neuronal health.


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